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tv   Euromaxx - Highlights of the Week  Deutsche Welle  January 7, 2018 1:30am-2:01am CET

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d.w. on facebook and twitter today to touch. followers. what are you going to. do so you can drive. me to germany always has its finger on the whole. of the market. to. go to. germany. to dublin. greetings from our studios in berlin and warm welcome to our first highlights
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edition of twenty eight thousand shaping up this time around with the following topics. through the ages the bulgarian capital sofia and its colorful cost. top of the pile hand painted wallpaper is a luxury only tesori. in the stars astrologers making their predictions for two thousand and eighteen. and we start off in our crazy capital which is a mega draw for tourists thanks largely to its legendary nightlife but dancing till you drop has a very long tradition here in berlin and already nearly a century ago in the golden twenties the german capital was party and to baucher e central well now a new coffee table book takes us back to that heady time of great excess and great suffering with some lovingly illustrated images.
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illustrator. has visited the legendary scenes of the roaring twenty's in berlin and captured them in his work. back then berlin was europe's fun capital. is up from seed and believe associate of it off my i did a lot of research in berlin but it was mostly in libraries and archives you from and from i tried to form an image of bin laden based on photos of both couples magazines and newspapers as well of course i also crisscrossed the city for instance passing through brandenburg gate and thinking wow the great thing about berlin is you can feel the history wherever you go your sister. has made history come alive again in seven hundred sixty five illustrations his work entitled night falls on berlin in the roaring twenty's depicts the big city lights dancers
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backstage and performing at the city's famous cabaret venues. the mood in the metropolis is one of sinful pleasure nippled work for five years together with a writer. to recreate this last era but with a. big me up the norm i think interest has continued because these things are simply still valid within and sponsored by what was important unfashionable in the nineteen twenty somethings people read and watch are still a good amount when you see the films from the period they have another level energy live amongst them there were silent films simply blow you away. in the book it's the text by boris paul fina and the illustrations by will that bring one thousand nine hundred twenty s. berlin alive again it comes with an accompanying music cd. but the one nine hundred twenty s. weren't just about hedonism this was an era of sweeping change in many respects. sex. work. sports.
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and foundation you stop this i don't see. the roaring twenties were only a golden age in the city for one specific group through to most other people there were very dark difficult years most people had no social support network and didn't really have much to laugh about it still night life was extremely important extinguished. for the first time the stars of this decade were women people like actress malini de trace and dancer josephine baker. night falls on berlin pays homage to female pioneers such as t.f. on how blue one of the most successful women in the film business. about whose mental acrobatics astonished cabaret audiences. of course i think there were really great authors and orders both men and women caught in the import i were a lot of female protagonist zipper i think about all the. significant things. but
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darkness came as a very modern town or and. on that side. the black and white illustrations depict the contradictions of a time when people partied even though the nightmare of the third device was quickly approaching. the site via aero was extremely glamorous but also sinister that people were dancing on the edge of an abyss or a volcano in the book or really gets that across the company in books etc to prove he could officers if this is the graphic elements are really something that is unique this guy can really draw it and i think the hard black and white lines of the drawings capture the mood very clearly of the guns guns caught on film so with so far as i know that is my insta use i like drawing in black and white stock moves in the shading and contrast a part of a. who but i also think that fits perfectly with the age because this was
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a time of contrast there was glamour and there was mystery of i think. the city of sweeping change on the brink of a catastrophe in the one nine hundred twenty s. . only in twenty eighteen the italian label me sony celebrates its sixty fifth anniversary and just last fall creative director on july missoni marked twenty years at the helm of the business two decades during which she revamped and rejuvenating the family owned brand and with its signature zigzags an intricate silk and woollen it's missoni as one of the very few houses that manages to transcend the fashion side guys and we met up with angela missoni in sunni dago north of milan where family life and company headquarters have always been intertwined. colorful knits luxurious fabrics patterned with stripes or zigzag this is the
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unmistakable style of italian fashion house missoni as seen here in its collection . angela missoni has been creative director of the family run firm for twenty years. twenty years at twenty years normal and. sometime for other brands right. with she is very rare. in the one nine hundred seventy s. missoni colorful look was a trend setter the labels founders rosita and otavio missoni captured the spirit of the times but when times changed missoni was suddenly out of style the couple's daughter revamped the label when she took over the business in one thousand nine hundred ninety seven. i think. a.
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update to the lexicon of the vocabulary. had been coming to the firm's headquarters in north of milan since she was a child. early on it was clear that she and her two siblings would continue to run the business in one thousand nine hundred seven angela became head designer taking over from her mother. just ten minutes away from her workplace. dream house she lives in this modern home which boasts a swimming pool as well as lots of space for family and friends and her extravagant home accessories. whether kitsch knickknacks design or art. it's a bit of everything. she's always. on the lookout for unusual objects each one occupies a special place in her home. because
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. everything you could see. the doors or the window. or whatever it's old. angela missoni lives her ideas of design and beauty to the fullest much of the furniture and the fabrics stem from his own collections along with the typical zigzag patterns and floral prints there are many knitted objects to. the designer doesn't even try to keep her private and work life separate she also works from home and checks every new design down to the last detail to ensure it meets her expectations. i always say that. i. that i have. all these attention for the.
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essential because probably otherwise i would have been a compulsive housewife. her next winter collection feature of lots of colorful fringes they were a classic part of our parents' designs so. keeping with tradition while giving them a modern twist. sometimes you need the i realize that many people need they need to have courage where colors but once they wear it they feel better. until the missoni creates for collections a year which doesn't give her much time to relax. i'm so grateful that i have this i think i'm a very lucky person and it's an amazing job but it could also be a very stressful job so if you don't have the passion that gives you that.
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thing that every morning when you wake up and you just get excited because you've seen plead so you've seen a color or you've seen the button. i suggest you not to do this job. as missoni celebrates its sixty fifth anniversary the third generation is already making its mark on the family business. angela's eldest daughter maggie taylor is designing the firm's children's collection. and one day the grandson xeno might even take on a role in the colorful missoni empire as well. well in the first half of twenty eighteen bulgaria is in the spotlight as it takes up the rotating presidency of the e.u. council from january the first and it was our cue to visit its beautiful capital cities or fia located right between the black and the adriatic sea now sofia has had lots of good press in recent years for its booming tech scene and was even
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listed as one of the top cities to launch a startup and will take a look at its for historical side which goes back many thousands of years. with mountains in the background the bug arion capital and it's perhaps most famous landmark the alexander nevsky cathedral. sophia has been shaped by seven thousand years of history under the roman design time in an ottoman empire as. stunning stuff can tick off as an actor and tour guide in sofia he's very optimistic about the city's future ten years ago so if there was more grain now it's like more colorful more vivid a lot of interesting places a lot of events occur. can be seen from all over sofia at least when the clouds don't block the view. stanislav catacombs tour group begins the day with
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a visit to sophia's oldest market the women's market bombers from all over bug area sell their produce here as well as unusual souvenirs. this metro station is called savvy car which was the roman name for sophia while building the station workers found remains of the original city and simply left them on display . less than one hundred meters from the roman excavations is the bunya mosque built by the ottomans and right next door the sephardic synagogue the jewish and muslim communities in sofia and their relatively small but the building still have great significance in the city. what the social fire a mosque athena go to christian orthodox church is really really close to each other that's why we like to call the square here the square of dollar runs because we like to say that there are only one stone for all away from each other but they never for all stalls at each other. if you start to feel
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a little cold during your winter tour sophia's thermal springs are never far away the public by. no longer in use but anyone is free to sample the natural mineral water. next it's on to the presidential palace and then one of the city's best kept secrets the church of st george or the rotunda as it's known locally can you guess why this roman complex together with this church was surrounded by beasts building like this to keep it secret exactly to hide it i told you that the commune is guys they were not really keen on religion because either you have the god like communist leader like many or you have got. the byzantine frescoes inside the early christian church are up to one thousand years old they survived sophia's checkered history on the many layers of paint was any join the twentieth century that they will once again i'm confident.
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the fifth probably the most underrated place in in europe a lot of history and not the first but that things that we see here so i would divide all of people of the world to see the beauty of our data. bug area was ruled by the communists for nearly fifty years until nine hundred ninety today the museum for socialist serves as a reminder of life under the communist regime. after their busy tour the group are ready for a hearty meal at a traditional restaurant called the crux my. bug areas rich history is also reflected in the local cuisine typical eastern european dishes a mixed with spices from the middle east balgair in combat made of pork is very
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typical. darkness falls during winter but. still plenty to see and experience the friday bars one of the most popular pubs in sofia to god stanislav is now an actor on stage together with friends. party atmosphere is contagious even for those of us who don't understand a word of gary. new year is a time for new beginnings and for many people that means quite literally a total change of scenery at home which can of course be accomplished with some new wallpaper and one of the top addresses in europe for exclusive wallpaper is the family owned to gournay business in london it's been dealing in vertical crew two for thirty years now but as prices start at about eight hundred euros a role it's an expensive statement to say the least.
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exquisite works of. each paper from. his unique and pain to this family business in london has enjoyed international success for over thirty years now thanks me me to a special me. so the traditional chinese painter method uses to purchase. in one hand and one brush picks up pigment on the other brush spreads very quickly spread the pigment. across the surface of the paper and with this ten you get this beautiful water color grading from top to pale detailed playful and colorful the company prides itself on catering to the customer's individual taste most a gourmet wallpapers originated in a studio in news shanghai painted on still called gold leaf paper customers pay
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between five and twenty five thousand jurors to decorate a single room when you see something that's handmade you can actually feel the imperfections and that's what makes it beautiful you can see the brush strokes you can see that human hand has made that product and you can feel the spirit of the artist who created it when you were in the room. this is the home of the company founder as a child he loved his parents hand painted wallpaper but later he searched in vain for a wallpaper company for his own home that's when claude settled gurney came up with the idea for his company. so i don't think we should be calling them papers william i think we should be calling them more like tapestry is all murals or something like that it creates a wonderful in a way country. environment in a place where otherwise you walk outside and there are motor cars and chimneys and
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steam. and dostum pollution. is just very put it these kind of hand painted designs may be an affordable for most but interior designers say wallpaper generally just back in fashion would be very becoming more. and more and more crime and asking us to add more paper to. space but. it's less about trends and more about fulfilling customers individual dream showrooms in london paris new york moscow and elsewhere especially busy at the moment. in the new year people feel a real surge of energy and they want to come to us with completely wild ideas that sort of rested and they've said you know i don't want to do something more run of the mill i want to do something really wow in this new year the company often works with celebrities this autumn supermodel kate moss on belled and their monies in light to produce together with a to go in a design team one strip costs thirteen hundred fifty euros so what happens if you
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spend thousands and then move house. to sell is very very strong so you can literally peel the silk off from the bottom up send it back to us and we'll put a new paper backing on to the back and you can then re-install it and then you have . as with every work it takes time so if you feel inspired to rush out and order your own do be prepared to wait about three months for it to be completed . well twenty eighteen has just begun and in the midst of a flurry of new resolutions people are always want to ask what does the new year really hold in store for me and so some are poring over horoscopes to see what the planetary positions might mean for them personally and although shakespeare said it is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves there is actually a lot going on in the firmament too in the coming year and so we did some sloth. to
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see what we can expect. the winter sky on new year's eve it is generated by ten video projectors and high performance computer is it designs planetarium in berlin. twenty eighteen where once again see new developments in space exploration german astronaut alexander gast is to take over command of the international space station in late may. for astronomer tim florian horne it promises to be an exciting expedition you miss you on from. the gas its mission is named horizons it's about seeking new horizons we need to test the implications of astronauts spending a long time in space to prepare for new missions to the moon or even to mars and it just. there will be three solar eclipses into lunar eclipses in twenty eighteen and in august the proceed meteor shower will once again be heading our way.
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but can the stars also reveal what the future holds for us personally. for millennia astrologers have believed that they can they say twenty eighteen will be the year of the fetus. and that size does element that means people will be more interested in really trying to understand each other and not just fight all the time and that's a given as it does so it'll be the year of love sensuality and beauty as i said what that means everyone will get the opportunity to move towards more cooperation and to harmonize with others in a way it's again on so. but that doesn't mean it'll all be peace and love in twenty eighteen the planet uranus could cause an upset the ham the i next day and we also have an extreme configuration will have your and us moving into taurus. and that's a configuration that will produce a minor revolution. it could well be that the euro starts to wobble. and it's
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a big question how long the euro will continue but no doubt it will remain. around one in four germans believes in astrology they consult the stars before making important decisions about their lives. and they've been a strong does a good analysis it can serve as a helpful guide that we can call upon to perhaps take a better approach to a number of situations. according to recent surveys spiritually and religiously minded people tend to look to the future with more confidence. bookseller in berlin offers cero cards or incentives to drive away evil spirits at home in order to facilitate the process. my compass lead me to look you can't turn the clock back on your life but when the new year comes you can make a new beginning of whatever kind you want. i see many people give their homes
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a thorough cleaning and burn in six we have various kinds here often. a kind of mystical force is attributed to the moon and to crystals and stones many things they possess healing powers. among new year's resolutions healthier habits are a classic many people go for fruits and vegetables early in the year. think it's a little i think it's certainly important to keep fit and some good news is vegetables always a big draw here in the shop. another classic resolution is more exercise after gorging ourselves over christmas and new years many people feel the need to slim down some are quite ambitious so maybe sports is super important as i go into the new year as i plan to make it a nice resolution to run a marathon so i really plan to do a lot of multiple sports in order to achieve this early in start up called the
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urban sports clubs. since members with health clubs all over germany. the christmas season is over and people decide to do something for their health so of course we see the registrations go up in january and february. another recent survey showed forty four percent of germans are optimistic about the future many of made resolutions or are hoping for certain things you shouldn't be afraid i wish for a bit more peace in twenty eighteen this is to stay healthy and keep my job and find love. maybe travel a bit more expendable be great if i could drink less coffee. reduce. interest in social media but i think it's very hard yes it's very hard and which resolutions can be kept in which desire is fulfilled in twenty eighteen lies in the stars. and yet there is no time like the present to be the master of our own destinies well that's all for this edition new year's edition of our euro max
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highlights until we meet again i just go to australia and take care of. the ok. thank. you for.
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the hump. for the auschwitz angel of death. dr joseph mengele. after world war two this infamous non-si war criminal fled to south america. until his
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every day life easier. i use my you can't on a daily basis that optimize the human body and connect people more effectively. i hope that this would make us more ethical persons what would life be like as a cyborg is mistletoe at the end of the day these technologies can be used against us and what effect will it have been society does the human race really need an upgrade i think it's only the beginning of this cyborgs human machines starting february first on t w.
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u.s. president onil trump has rejected claims made in a new book titled fire and fury about his presidency in response to questions raised in the book about his fitness.


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